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Róża's story:

Róża Turowska - a designer and silversmith who’s in love with minimalist, geometrical yet sophisticated designs crafted using traditional silversmithing techniques.

Since childhood, she was always interested in creating things such as little clay sculptures. Her journey with jewellery started during the teenage time when was disassembling old necklaces (and even belts) of her mum to gain beads for her new jewellery. When online shops were more reachable she started buying new beads and made various colourful jewellery. In the meantime, she discovered by herself how to make custom beads made of polymer clay.

In 2012 attended her first goldsmith course in Wytwórnia Antidotum. Under the guidance of masters of goldsmithing, she learned how to transform rough metal into a piece of jewellery.
“I was taught only the technique there, design and creativity were in me.” - is how she summarises her learning path.

Together with 2015 came huge changes in her life - she moved to Amsterdam. Decided that it’s a perfect time and opportunity to start to follow the dreams. In may 2015, she established her own jewellery label PERKA design.

Since then she took part in festivals and fairs in Amsterdam, Maastricht, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Zurich.

Her designs are appreciated by clients from The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, Japan and the USA.

The process of crafting is very important for Róża. It gives her an opportunity to share her passion and love to silversmithing with her clients.
hat makes my jewellery even more unique is that it’s handcrafted, therefore every piece is with an extraordinary touch of its designer.”

Esthetics of her jewellery could be described as contemporary, geometric, minimalist with feminine sophistication. She puts the highest attention to finishing her designs to make them look delicate and elegant. Every item in the collection is designed to be easily combinable with one another.

She knows how in the modern world it is important to keep a balance between consumption and environment or human rights, having this in mind she keeps her products and company as sustainable as possible: the materials (silver, stones) which she uses are supplied by European producers. Packing of her jewelry also is eco-friendly (made in UE).

From 2017 she started using a new alloy of silver called Argentium® that is a premium alloy of silver that is purer (new grade 935), tarnish resistant, hypoallergenic and responsible. Argentium® silver is made from ethically sourced silver and it is not plated.

Róża holds MSc in Pedagogy of Ability and Information Technology.

Besides jewellery she is passionate about cinema - loves Wes Anderson aesthetics, and watched probably every science fiction movie.

Currently, lives in Amsterdam, was born in Puławy, Poland.



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