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New-zi necklace
New-zi necklace

New-zi necklace


Spherical pendant decorated by the asymmetrical placement positioning of the stone. It is additionally decorated by hand forged spherical pattern.

The distinguishing features of jewellery by PERKA design is their subtle satin finish.

Material: ArgentiumⓇ sterling silver

Stone: Topaz London Blue (on the photo) or white mountain crystal or amethyst

Size of the pendant: around 2


For the best combination of two necklaces, we recommend the length options:

  • 40 cm and 46 cm
  • 43 cm and 50 cm

43/50 is the option where you have the possibility to adjust the length of the necklace yourself to one of 43 cm or 50 cm.

Note - the colour of the stone may look different in reality than on the photos.

Every piece is handmade, they are therefore all slightly different than one another - this makes them all unique.

The order will be shipped within 2 to 7 working days because every piece you order is exclusively crafted by hand upon your request.